Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Fudging it

When a leader moves on there can be a succession of candidates in the pipeline. Some organisations have already canvassed several potenial candidates so that the handover is as smooth and seamless as it can be.

Alternatively the organisation could find itself with a shortfall of candidates or no interest at all. This can happen because the organisation is going through a poor trading period or because of adverse publicity. Sometimes it is simply an inadequate response to the extreme demands of a combination of customer needs, powerful competition and a volatile market place. Occasionally the organisation is woefully off the pace and as if to compound their problems, they decide to appoint a 'stand in' CEO that is already on the payroll.

This person can be from any discipline whatsoever: finance, marketing, production or sales. And if this person hangs around long enough, their reward is invariably a full time post.

There is no bull's eye, no consensus, no dialogue, no marketing strategy, no commitment to continuous organisatioal or personal development.

Nine times out of ten the appointment is a disaster for the organisation and a disaster for the individual.


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